Holocaust Education

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Should sixth graders learn about the Holocaust?




Some parents and teachers believe that sixth graders are not mature enough to learn about the tragedies of the Holocaust. They also believe that sixth graders lack the knowledge of historical events to understand how and why it happened. What is your opinion?




Write a persuasive essay arguing your opinion of this topic.


Your essay must be supported by at least three of the following:



Remember the Crayons poem that Maud Dahme read called Crayons? Here it, compliments of 78RC:



We could learn a lot from crayons;

some are sharp,

some are pretty,

some are dull,

while others bright,

some have weird names,

but they all have learned to live together

in the same box.

                         ~Robert Fulghum


56mk found another poem called Crayons, which was written by Jane Yolen (author of The Devil's Arithmetic):




On Thursday night we will "crowdsource" some information we've gathered using Barkles, and then begin planning out our essay on paper.


Write your essay draft on your new ShareSpace. Refer to previous persuasive essays for help.